In Luke chapter 9 Jesus is not received by a particular village on His way to Jerusalem. James and John asked if they could call down fire from heaven on the village and Jesus rebuked them. Some manuscripts further state, “You know not what manner of spirit you are of.” 

This surely shows us that even close followers of Jesus could be influenced by an evil or wrong spirit.

On occasion, I run into people who do not receive me or the ministry I represent. it’s interesting that when they have no relationship with me, it is easier to let it go and move on. However, when they know me, my character and my walk with the Lord, it is really distressing. It grieves me. As I continue thinking about it, the next step (into the enemy’s snare) is to take it personally and be offended. OOPS! That’s crossing the line and allowing the wrong spirit to influence me.

When I step into that snare, normally my body responds immediately with sinus issues. My nose fills up. Breathing becomes difficult. My throat gets sore from the drainage. In short, my soul is not prospering in the state of rejection and my body manifests it with a nose bent out of shape… This process takes just hours to manifest. It always amazes me when it takes me so long to realize I am walking in offense and need to forgive someone.

This happened to me yesterday. I received a message just before the church service from someone I love and have spent much time ministering to. While they want to remain in relationship with me, they do not want any more involvement in Sozo ministry.

I know they are listening to the voice of the Accuser, but it’s not my job to point that out. Why do Christians listen to that voice instead of asking the Holy Spirit, “Is this a true ministry? Can I trust the ones doing this ministry? Is this Your ministry, Lord?” Even Jesus told people that if they couldn’t believe in Him, could they at least believe based on what they saw Him doing?

The fruit (outcome) of the Accuser’s voice is always strife, division, disunity, death, yet there are so many it seems who name Jesus as Lord and without regard to the fact there is life and death in the power of the tongue, they freely put down others they disagree with or even post a video on YouTube to expose the wrong theology. How does this demonstrate to the world that we are disciples of Jesus?

For this and many other reasons, a core value of this ministry is –to Honor all men. Make no accusations of others, regardless of whether or not you know they are wrong or acting contrary to your own beliefs and values. Especially do not allow the enemy to use your voice to accuse or speak against anyone who names Jesus as Lord.

Now, I need to spend some alone time with Holy Spirit to find out why I slip into offense and why it sometimes takes me so long to recognize it. Stay tuned. This will be good.


Pastor Bill Kline