Art SOZO Workshop

October 28, 2023 eleven souls encounter God in an Art Sozo Workshop in Loveland, CO.

The art work is proof that no artistic skill is required. Also proof of how unique each one of us is to God.

In an Art Sozo workshop you encounter God in a unique expression of the Sozo process, blending traditional Sozo inner-healing tools with techniques from Gail Spooner and her knowledge of art therapy. We are so thankful for Gail and the Art Sozo Workshop ministry.

God heal wounds and destroys long believed lies that the enemy uses to keep us from freedom in Christ.

In this Art Sozo Workshop, God moved powerfully and gently touched people's hearts. The art work procuced may not look like art to some, but to those in the workshop, it's priceless! As each sozo artist shared her/his heart, explaining how the artwork expressed what they experienced with God, we were all touched by His love, sharing tears and laughter as each piece of artwork was displayed.

  • No art experience is necessary. And we warn people not to come to the workshop expecting to create a work of art. Artists who attempt to do this will experience some frustration...fair warning.

Please write to Coleen Atwood or Bill Kline at for more information.

If you would like to discuss bringing an Art Sozo Workshop please contact Pastor Bill Kline at the above email address.

Artworks displayed below are representative of what you might see in an Art Sozo Workshop.

Event Cost $45

We are NOT taking last minute signups at the door before the event begins.


Contact Pastor Bill at to arrange an Art Sozo Workshop at your location.


Start Time

9AM Sharp
No late entrance allowed
Ends at noon

Contact for current event schedule.