Art Sozo

Freedom! Creativity! Healing!

Art Sozo is a unique take on the Sozo process, blending traditional Sozo inner-healing tools with the freedom of art as a way to connect with God and heal wounds and lies. Through the Art Sozo Workshop, God moves powerfully and touches people's hearts, releasing creativity and bringing lasting healing.

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Art Sozo is a new way to connect your emotions to the heart of God and allow His healing to take place. The activity of painting helps to bypass roadblocks and allow God's truth to shine through on canvas and speak deeply into hearts.

  • No art experience is necessary.
  • Each workshop lasts about three hours.
  • All supplies are included in the registration fee.

Encounter God through using acrylic paint and Sozo inner healing tools. In this group workshop you will paint 3 paintings and connect your emotions to the heart of God. Truly, no art experience is necessary.Please write to Coleen Atwood or Bill Kline at for more information.If you would like to discuss bringing an Art Sozo Workshop to your location, please complete the Travel Request. Check out testimonies at

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