Education Sozo

We Were Born to Learn!


This form of Sozo ministry was originally developed by Dr. Jeffrey Barsch. You can learn more at his website:

We were born to learn. In recent years, research on the human brain has expanded and knowledge has increased so dramatically, we can feel overwhelmed when we try to make sense of it all.

Education Sozo could also be called “Learning Sozo” or “Academic Sozo.” After completing a general sozo session, you may want to consider an Educational Sozo session if any of these apply to you:

  • You struggle to learn in any given subject
  • You are convinced you can never learn or understand a given subject
  • You feel ‘no matter what I do or how hard I try, I just don’t get it’ in any given subject
  • You avoid situations that require you to learn something new or see something in a new way
  • You feel regret or cringe when you think of your experiences in education or a particular failure in a subject or class still haunts you.
  • You were traumatized as a child in a particular class or grade level, whether by teachers, peers, parents or others.
  • You have lost your interest in learning

Examples of this nature may indicate that you would benefit from an Education Sozo session.

Notice, we encourage you to get a general sozo session first. After taking that level of freedom as far as you can, if you feel you still struggle at learning or in any of the areas mentioned above, then you should pray about getting an Educational Sozo session.

Education Sozo is available for children ages 12 and up, with parental consent. In many cases, we require at least one parent or legal guardian to get a personal sozo session.

If you have questions, feel free to write to us at

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