As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten. Therefore be zealous and repent.
Revelation 3:19

Repent in the Bible speaks of ‘changing the way you think.’ If the mind (Greek: nous) is not renewed, then thinking and behaving a new way is impossible. One keeps doing the same old things and getting the same old results. That’s called being stuck in a rut.

In order to truly repent we need continual encounters with the Holy Spirit in which we recognize Him, His way of thinking, renouncing the lies we have built our lives upon and accepting His Truth -this is what leads us to transformation of the mind  which results in repentance, the ability to think and act in a new way. This is how we get out of any rut we are in.

Key #1 -Daily, I must seek Him -this is part of what it means to be zealous.
#2. I must continually grow in recognition of Him, never becoming satisfied with what I know or where I am… God always has more!
#3. I must ask for His help to see things as He sees them and think of things as He thinks of them -and be zealous to adopt what He reveals to me as my new reality.
#4. When He shows me a lie I am believing, no matter how true it FEELS to me, I must be zealous to renounce it and accept (take ownership of) the Truth He reveals. This results in freedom and a transformed mind which will result in new behavior and new thinking.
#5. Daily I seek Him for grace (heaven’s empowerment) to walk in the Truth He reveals to me. Daily, I deny myself (and all the little ‘t’ truths I have lived by;) take up my cross and follow Him, ‘the Way, the Truth and the Life” that always leads me to my Father in heaven.

Sigh…it’s so DAILY…

Eventually, just as living by the little “t” truths I believed was ‘automatic’, living by and walking in His Spirit becomes supernaturally natural to me.

Lord, help me do all this today and bring about Your desired result in changing the way I think and the way I act and behave.
I want to truly know You and know what You think and how You see people, events and me. Amen.

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