The change on the calendar does nothing to change our circumstances. It’s a new day with no mistakes in it yet. Father has provided another day full of mercy and grace. That’s what makes it potentially a great day ahead.

I’m sitting in New England at the moment and it looks like Narnia outside! I keep expecting to see Mr.¬†Tumnus under the lamp post.

The Lord started speaking to me several months ago about the new year, 2020. I felt He was saying it will be a “Banner Year with increased recognition, revelation and resistance.”

  • A ‘banner year’ speaks of higher than normal productivity and abundance.
  • Increased recognition has a double meaning for me. First it speaks of increased skill in doing Sozo ministry due to increased¬†recognition of what we are dealing with. Second, it speaks of greater recognition as a valuable ministry.
  • Increased revelation is something we can all benefit from. We need greater and greater revelation of His presence, love and grace. One prophetic voice I listen to is saying we will see a greater revelation of His providence and dominion. This speaks to me of the King establishing His Kingdom in greater and greater ways. The Gates of Hades will not prevail against the Ekklesia of Jesus.
  • Resistance — at first I thought this was going to be difficult, but then I heard the Lord say, “We will over come it all together.” Victory always comes to those who follow Him. No weapon formed against you can prosper… Isaiah 54:17. This is a promise our Father watches over to keep and you have a role in bringing about the Victory. Make sure you have all your armor on and that you stand in faith, awaiting instructions from Papa. Jesus only does what He sees Father doing and only speaks what He hears Father speaking. Purpose in your heart to be like Him as the Holy Spirit transforms you into the likeness and image of the Son of God.

Our ministry logo shows a climber heading up a mountain. Each mountain we conquer brings greater freedom and joy to our lives. Sozo Freedom Steps in a deliverance and inner healing ministry. We are available to help you connect with the Lord so you can follow in His footsteps and come into the freedom He has for you. If you are facing a mountain of any kind and want to know what the Lord thinks of it, get signed up for a personal, confidential Sozo session here.