It’s been a long time since I could write in this blog. I have been very busy doing Basic Training in March. As we approach this Easter Sunday, I wanted to take moment to say from the bottom of my heart, “Thank You, Jesus.”

On Easter Sunday, April 6, 1980, I had not been in church for over three years. My first wife, Janice, and I were mad at the priest for sending us to the Justice of the Peace to get married instead of having our wedding in the church. In April 1980, we decided to put the past behind us and go to church. We were full of anxiety and downright fearful of our future. We thought God was angry with us and wanted to punish us. On this Easter Sunday, Janice was 6 months pregnant with our second son, Noah, and she had been diagnosed with a brain tumor. The doctors said she had a maximum of 18 months to live, no matter what course of action we took. Our future looked bleak and almost hopeless.

We entered the packed sanctuary of St. Catherine’s on the Rock near Allenspark, CO just as the service was beginning. We found seats near the back. The sun was streaming through the stained glass windows. I wasn’t Catholic, but Janice was. I had confirmed in the Episcopal church before I went to Vietnam in 1968. My confirmation and baptism were merely rituals to me. I believed God was real, but I didn’t know or trust Him.

Father John stepped up to give his homily. He greeted us warmly, saying, “Most of you I saw at Christmas too. I’d like to see you all more often. I know you have come to worship God today, but whatever you do, don’t worship this…” As he lifted his hand pointing to the Crucifix above the altar. There was a palpable silence in the room. He continued, “God does not live in wood and stone. He wants to live in human hearts and He only comes in when you invite Him.” He then asked those who wanted to receive Jesus as Lord to kneel and pray with him. Everyone in the room made the sign of the cross and got on their knees. We all prayed the prayer together.

I don’t remember the words of the prayer, but I remember feeling uplifted, no longer alone, no longer fearful. What happened to us? The room was somehow alive, with what? I couldn’t pinpoint it. The sun streaming through the windows caused a rainbow of color to dance around the room. Was I seeing angels? As we left the church, the sky was somehow bluer. The birds were chirping more loudly. The air was clean and fresh! In fact, everything seemed to be new! We talked all the way home about how we no longer felt fear or anxiety. We knew something good had happened to us.

It was some weeks later that we learned we had been born again. That’s what happens when you ask Jesus to “come into your heart” —He sends His Spirit to create in you a never-before-seen creation. A new spirit in you that is one with Him. Amazing. Everything becomes new, just as the Scripture says. The old you dies and the new you is alive in Christ!

Fast forward 39 years and I am still in awe of Him. I can’t take my eyes off Him. He is the most important Being I have ever met. I can’t spend enough time with Him. I am privileged to partner with Him as He destroys the work of the devil in people who come for Sozo ministry. He is the kindest person I have ever known. He is never mean, harsh or unloving. I know the Holy Spirit is conforming me to His likeness and image and I want to fully cooperate in this transformation process!

Jesus is alive and His Spirit has taken up residence in me. If you want a life changing encounter with Him, get signed up for a Sozo session here. It will be our honor to facilitate that meeting.

Blessings and Grace on this Easter Sunday!

Pastor Bill