In this workshop you will learn how to connect with the Creator of the Universe at the deepest heart level. We will learn it is His nature to forgive. His Spirit empowers us to do as He does –to forgive ourselves and to forgive others who have wounded or harmed us in any way.

We will learn why forgiveness is so effective in bringing about inner wholeness and freedom from fear, anxiety and all kinds of things we struggle with in modern life. We will learn how forgiveness can have positive and beneficial effects on our spirit, soul and body.

Pastor Bill Kline leads this workshop. His teaching is biblical, non-denominational, and easy to apply. He will lead you in several exercises aimed at clearing your heart of bitterness, shame, resentment and fear. In each exercise, we will invite Father God to fill us with His Perfect Love.

If you have tried and failed to forgive someone (including yourself) from your heart as Jesus taught in Matthew 18, this workshop is for you.

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