I posted my first blog the other day, titled, “I love God” and it went live! For awhile. Shortly, after connecting it to Facebook, the link broke and the content was ‘lost’. I called my webmaster, Dan, who got right on it, but it was so frustrating. I had to recreate the post and then the link to Facebook worked. Dan, being the humble man he is, took full responsibility, although I am convinced it was technology demons assigned against me. For those who take everything literally, I’m just kidding, about the demons, not Dan’s humility.

My text today is 1 John 2:15: Do not love the world or the things of the world.

Several months ago, in a moment of intense frustration trying to get some piece of technology to work for me, I said, “I hate technology!” I could tell some folks around me were a bit startled by the force with which I spoke those words. The Holy Spirit told me to stop saying that. Maybe I can say, “I love not technology because it is a ‘thing of the world.’”

Why would the Holy Spirit say to me that I must stop saying I hate technology?

I believe Dr Caroline Leaf or Dr Aiko Hormann could help me understand from a brain researcher’s viewpoint. It might have something to do with the way our brain ‘configures’ itself to prove or line up with what we believe to be truth. For example, if I say, “I hate math,” or “I can’t do math,” my brain will ‘configure’ itself to support that. I know I do not have this explained in a technically accurate way, but stay with me. There are a couple of spiritual reasons.

Why is it important not to say I hate technology?

It has something to do with speaking words of life and death (Proverbs 18:21.) I am not so concerned that I am cursing technology, as in making my WiFi fail or causing my iPad to lock up. It’s more like the negative effect it has on me (and those unfortunate to be around me when I say it.) It does not release life into the atmosphere or into my thinking.

It is contrary to God’s Word for me. I can do ALL THINGS, even technology, through Christ who gives me strength. When I say, “I hate technology,” I am saying the Mind of Christ, which I have, is not capable of dealing with this. Jesus never had an iPad, but if He did, He would never say, “I hate technology,” when it locked up. What would Jesus say? (WWJS?) I have no idea, but in a moment of frustration with technology (or a family member, or whatever causes me frustration), I can ask Him, “What would You have me say about this?” He may not give me specific words to say, but He will encourage me to be patient, calm down and press on.

Which brings me to the third reason not to say, “I hate technology.” The words are born out of human frustration (anger) and they are counter productive in developing the virtues of patience and perseverance. It feeds a ‘victim spirit’ that says, “No matter how hard I try, I can’t do it.” Which leads to self-pity and giving up. So there you have it. Onward and upward we go! I love technology!

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Blessings, Pastor Bill