Personal SOZO Sessions

If you read our FAQ page, but still have questions about Sozo ministry, you can get your questions answered by writing to Pastor Bill Kline

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SOZO Ministry is:

  • biblical (Matthew 1:21 -Jesus came to ‘sozo’ us from our sins.)
  • Holy Spirit led (John 15:5)
  • gentle, effective and produces lasting fruit
  • aimed at bringing you into a greater level of freedom and intimacy with God -Father, Son and Holy Spirit. (John 8:34-36 and John 14:7)
  • useful in finding keys to lasting freedom from a host is issues people struggle with (Hosea 4:6, Proverbs 29:18)
  • God focused. In focusing on knowing God as Father, Savior, Comforter, and Guide, we discover our true identity in Christ. Identity releases destiny.
  • about discovering and destroying lies and healing wounds that hinder your freedom and walk with Christ. When Jesus plants His Truth in you, destroying the enemy’s lies, you will be free. (John 8:32 & 36.)

Please note that freedom is dependent upon continuing in Jesus’ words as His disciple. This not a matter of works, but a heart attitude that chooses to follow Him daily. (John 8:31-32.) When you are truly free, you freely choose life daily.

SOZO Ministry is not

  • -counseling or giving advice
  • ”on-going” therapy in the sense that we set weekly appointments
  • it is not an “intervention” type ministry to stop alcoholic or drug addiction behaviors
  • it is not New Age
  • it is not psychological therapy or a humanly developed process
  • is not ‘demon focused’ or “sin management” in nature
  • is not aimed at ‘fixing’ you

Most sessions last from one to two hours. Read Sozo Testimonies to get an idea of how others have been affected. Click here to signup for a personal SOZO session.

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