“Moving in the miraculous and impossible only happens through total dependence and reliance on God. This consequently short-circuits the development of pride since you are truly helpless to do anything on your own.” -Bill Johnson

It has become a habit to say, “Without You, I can do nothing.” It is an expression of my dependence and reliance upon God.

A little over a year ago, I was about two months into the journey of starting a non-profit organization and I heard the Lord say, “If I said it yesterday, My words are spirit and life. They stand for eternity. You are subject to time only in that you think in increments of time. My words and being are timeless — “always now” as you say. You can join Me now and “come out of time” and cease to be affected by it, always with Me now. I am not calling you to an ‘out of body’ experience but an ‘out of your mind’ experience where you cease to know the limitations of your world and enter the limitless resources of Mine.”

At that time, I was reading Bob Hazlett’s book, Think Like Heaven, Change Your Thinking, Change Your World. I highly recommend this book. You might be wondering, have I stepped out of my now into God’s now? I think I am closer each day. I know I have a ways to go in some respects. I am intentionally pursuing Him and His presence. Again, without Him, I can do nothing.


Pastor Bill