Joel 2:28 was the Scripture I felt led to read and think about this morning.
28 And afterward, I will pour out My Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your old men will dream dreams, your young men will see visions.

We’ve all read or heard of this text at one time or another. I have been guilty of thinking that’s for another time or for the highly anointed, or for certain occasions like special meetings and revival seasons. It is for NOW. It has been for NOW since Jesus sent His Holy Spirit to the earth on the day of Pentecost.

Today, in all my sozo sessions and one marriage counseling session, I am anticipating and expecting Jesus will do as He promised and pour out His Spirit on me and the people I minister to. Without Him, I can do nothing, but in Him, with Him, through Him, by Him, for Him and to Him, nothing is impossible! To God be all the glory!

Join me now and expect an outpouring of His Spirit in your life today. Do this daily and let me know what happens.


Pastor Bill