Sozo Ministry Training

Bethel Basic SOZO Training

This course covers 4 Bethel Basic Sozo Tools -The Father Ladder, The 4 Doors, Presenting Jesus and The Wall. Each tool can be used in combination with other tools as the Holy Spirit leads. In the course we seek to teach the Scriptural Foundations for Sozo Ministry and give tips and applications that will increase your ability to flow with the Holy Spirit in Sozo ministry.

Sozo is a prayer ministry. It is not counseling or therapy. It is fast, effective and life giving. In our training we will be ‘teaching and doing’ the ministry. No one is required to participate. We also cover team formation, team etiquette and team member qualifications. We will ask for a volunteer to participate in a live demo at the beginning or end of the training. In lieu of this, we will watch a DVD demo of basic tools at the end of the training.

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Advanced Bethel SOZO Training

This course is usually offered periodically in the Rocky Mountain Region as well as other locations in the USA and foreign sites. Go to to find out when and where Advanced trainings are scheduled.

The Advanced training covers tools that help address ‘triggers’ related to trauma or stress, prophetic deliverance, divine editing, dealing with demonic strongholds and Shabar ministry.

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How do I join the Northern Colorado Sozo Freedom Steps team?

These are the necessary steps to join the Sozo Freedom Steps team:

  1. Be a member in good standing of a local church and provide a pastor’s reference.
  2. Complete Basic Sozo training conducted by a certified Bethel Sozo trainer.
  3. Complete a personal sozo session where you are able to make strong connections with Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
  4. Complete a Sozo Freedom Steps Team Application along with an “Authorization for Release of Information” which allows us to do a background check. There is an administrative fee of $50 for this step which can be paid via check, cash or credit card.
  5. Have a personal interview with Pastor Bill Kline.
  6. Complete a short team orientation conducted by Pastor Bill or a designated team member.
  7. Be faithful to attend any sozo sessions you are assigned to and attend at least 9 of every 12 monthly team meetings. Remember, assignments depend on your availability to serve and your faithfulness to keep commitments.

Interested in starting the sozo ministry in your church?

Pastor Bill Kline is the Rocky Mountain Regional Sozo facilitator and Sozo Freedom Steps ministry pastor. He may be contacted at for more information on how you can get Basic Sozo training set up in your church.

The Sozo Freedom Steps team offers short term observer opportunities.

To qualify for a short term observer opportunity, you need to complete the Basic Sozo training, get a personal sozo session and then give us permission to conduct a background check. Once you have completed these steps, you will meet with Pastor Bill or a designated ministry leader to go over the your time as an observer. You may complete the short term observer application here or get a copy at the next Basic Sozo training event.

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