I have this ‘thing’ about communicating accurately so that I am understood. I have had it all my life. My earliest memory is when I was just three years old and I spoke a full sentence to my mom. She understood me and repeated what I’d said to all her friends. I was so happy that I couldn’t sleep that night. I kept saying that sentence to myself over and over until I finally fell asleep. It was so satisfying to know that I understood what I said and I knew mom understood me too.

In pastoral ministry I run into lots of people who say they can’t communicate with others. I listen to what they say and repeat back what I have heard. I am always surprised when they tell me what I said is not what they meant. This desire to be heard correctly is part of our DNA. Love must communicate. Love cannot be silent and passive. When we love others or when we want to be loved, we need to be understood. We were created by God who is Love to be loved and to give His love to others.

I really enjoy helping people find out what is blocking their ability to communicate with others. I have found that when I help them connect with our Father God and begin to hear His communication more clearly, their relationships with others improve too. It seems to me that a lot of our communications problems are due to not knowing who we are. Jesus said what your heart is full of will be reflected in the words you speak. When your heart is deceived or carries an inaccurate self-image, your communication with others will be negatively affected.

When asked, “Who are you?” most people respond with a description of what they do.  “I am a teacher.” “I am a construction worker.” “I am a doctor” –and so on. I rarely hear anyone saying, “I am a child of God.” And yet, without this foundational knowing of who you are in Christ, how will you truly know what to do in life? Our doing should flow out of our being in Christ, not the other way around.

To truly know who you are, you must connect with your Maker and ask Him, “Who am I, Lord?” You can find all kinds of scriptures that give you some idea of what He might say to you, but you really need to hear Him speaking to you personally. That’s what produces faith –hearing the rhema-word of God for you personally.

If you are one of those believers who says, “I can’t hear from God.” Or “God doesn’t speak to me.” I urge you to fill out the request for Sozo ministry and get a personal sozo session set up soon. God can’t lie. He says His sheep know His voice. That means He’s talking to us all the time. We just need to get the clutter removed so we can receive His communication more clearly. Then when people ask you, “Who are you?” your answer will reflect God’s true identity for you.

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