Who We Are

Our Mission. Our Heart. Our Team.

"The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim release to the captives and the regaining of sight to the blind, to set free those who are oppressed, to proclaim the year of the Lord's favor." Luke 4:18-19

SOZO Freedom Steps

Sozo is the first Greek verb in the New Testament associated with the Messiah, Jesus Christ. In Matthew 1:21 the angel told Joseph not to divorce Mary because the child she was carrying was holy. His name would be Yeshua (Savior) for he would ‘sozo’ his people from their sins. Sozo means to save or rescue, heal, deliver and make whole. Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. He is still fully engaged in doing what the angel said he would do.

Ministry Vision

To take the gifts the Holy Spirit has placed in the Church out into the community to assist believers in taking intentional steps to experientially know God and discover their true identity in Christ. Identity reveals destiny. Following in his steps leads to lasting freedom.

Ministry Team Role

Team members seek to facilitate loving, life giving encounters between those seeking Sozo Freedom (guests) and members of the Godhead - Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We use Bethel Basic and Advanced Sozo tools to provide spiritual safety, structure and guidelines for each Freedom session. We do not offer psychology, psychological therapy or licensed counseling. We offer focused listening prayer consistent with our faith and practice as believers in Jesus Christ. We recognize that each guest is unique. Therefore, we strive to closely follow the Holy Spirit as He leads us to minister in each Sozo Freedom session.

Ministry Team Responsibilities

Attend monthly team meetings. This team meets monthly to pray together, train in application of ministry tools and techniques, fellowship together and grow in our spiritual gifts. Each month, we refresh ourselves in the Lord and in our understanding of the ministry tools we use. Regular attendance in weekend services in the church of your choice as well as monthly team meetings is required to remain active on this team.

Serve when scheduled. Be on time for assigned Sozo Freedom sessions. Leader and prayer partner should arrive 15 minutes before the session. Contact the Sozo Freedom leader when you need a replacement or when you are going to be late. Communication is crucial for building community and carrying out effective ministry, so please let your Ministry Leader know when your availability to serve changes.

Read your email in a timely manner. Email is our primary tool for team communications. Please read email and reply, when needed, in a timely manner.

When serving: Quickly straighten the ministry room as needed and make sure Kleenex and a bottle of water is available for the guest. Pray together as a ministry team for the guest and for yourselves to closely follow the Holy Spirit. Notify the Ministry Leader if the room was left in disarray or needs supplies.

Electronic Paperwork: The Sozo Freedom leader will ‘pick up’ the guest’s application by logging into a private web page on www.sozofreedomsteps.org. The leader will review the form for completeness and prayerfully listen to the Holy Spirit for insights in the direction to take. When the guest arrives, the leader will ask the guest to sign the liability release form, as needed. Please complete the Ministry Summary form on-line at the end of the session. The guest is given the Feedback form and Follow-up form. Be sure they understand how to complete the form and return it.

Training and Development: In addition to training in the monthly meetings, the team maintains DVD sets and CD’s on various deliverance topics that you may check out. Review these resources in a timely manner and return them to the Ministry Leader. You will be notified of live training for this ministry that may occur from time to time outside the normal monthly meeting.

Prepare in Prayer. Pray for God’s heart for people each and every time you serve. Ask God how you can put someone else at ease and be prepared for the Lord to use you in each session. Ask Him to deal with your own heart so that you can sincerely demonstrate His love.

Keep your EYES OPEN during prayer. You must develop this habit or you may miss body language or other clues that the Holy Spirit wants you to be aware of when praying.

Focus on the need of the guest, not on yourself. The Leader will lead the session and the Prayer Partner will pray quietly, being watchful in the Spirit, while the session progresses. Prayer partners should ask the leader if he/she wants you to be the scribe. Please only record the positive things the guest reports they hear from Father, Jesus or the Holy Spirit. DO NOT record lies, who they forgive or details of trauma, brokenness or negative things of that nature. Our aim is to send each guest away with a Philippians 4:8 list of valuable, honorable, worthy things to think about. Ask the Leader if it is okay to pass a sticky note during the session to share something you may be getting in the Spirit. Do not draw attention to yourself or seek to take the lead role. As you fix your eyes on Jesus, allow the Holy Spirit to reveal the guest’s needs. Father/Jesus/Holy Spirit wants to meet their need (healing, release from lies, truth implanted in their soul.) This is what produces freedom and brings about true deliverance. Remember, Jesus is foremost a good listener -listening to our Father and listening to each person who came to him.

Serve with heart, commitment and excellence. We want you serving in your gifts and passions in ministry that overflows with love and is truly enjoyable to you. If this ministry is not a ‘good fit’ for your gifts and availability, do not be condemned about leaving the team. Speak with the Ministry Leader about other possible ways you can serve in Sozo Freedom Steps Ministry. If you need a break from serving for a season, do not hesitate to let your Ministry Leader know. We are here to bless you and to equip you to do the work of the ministry and that includes walking through life with you!

Keep the Tools Clean: We are committed to using the Bethel Sozo tools we have been trained without mixing in other ministry approaches and techniques. If you cannot commit to this requirement, then please notify the Ministry Leader at your earliest convenience. Do not give advice to any ministry guest or seek to influence their decision making with regard to prescription medication or choice of medical or psychological services.

Ministry Team Results

Guests are loved, feel honored and walk away from their session with a better communications connection with at least one member of the Godhead. Team members are fulfilled and find great satisfaction in serving the Lord as He sets His people free.

How to Join the SOZO Freedom Steps Team

  • Attend a live Bethel Basic Sozo training event conducted by certified Bethel Sozo trainers.
  • Complete a successful personal Sozo Freedom session.
  • Complete the Sozo Freedom Team Application and sign the Ministry Honor Code.
  • Provide a pastor’s reference from the church you attend. This does not have to be the senior pastor, but a pastor on staff of the church you attend.
  • Sign the waiver form giving us permission to complete a background check.

Once you have completed the above steps, you will be contacted by the Ministry Leader, Pastor Bill Kline or Ministry Team Director, Hannah Hartman to go over your next steps.

Walk with the Lord in a way that touches others where they live, so it can be said of us that we are spreading or advancing the Kingdom of God.Kris Valloton

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